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Due to the current circumstances, we are now living in a virtual world. Hence, managing your time in this new reality (which is virtual), requires us to adopt new ways.

It is imperative for being successful at work and in your personal life to be able to manage your time! It requires understanding of what you should be doing and at what time. It is simply about “Doing the right things right the first time”

You can only be successful at work and in your personal life if you are effective and efficient- both and not one or the other! Specifically, you succeed by

  1. Knowing your goals,
  2. Selecting your goals,
  3. Prioritizing your goals,
  4. Planning to deliver the goals,
  5. Eliminating time wasting activities,
  6. Making use of technology, and
  7. Delegating effectively
Managing Time

Managing Time in the New Virtual World

2 Days Training Program

This is an extremely practical training which will help you learn and immediately put in use techniques that will eliminate non value added activities in this new virtual environment.


  1. To define time management
  2. To define how to be e-effective in the virtual world
  3. To define how to be e-efficient in the virtual world
  4. To provide techniques to be e-efficient in the virtual world


  1. Time Wasters Activity extended to Gap Analysis to eliminate
  2. Making weekly priority sheets; Using urgency/ importance model
  3. Use of Outlook/Lotus Notes for Priority Setting and Scheduling
  4. Use of e-Suspense Folders
  5. Use of electronic tools such as communication, file sharing etc. 
  6. Tips from Working from Home


  1. Weekly priority sheets in three different format to suit individuals
  2. Formats for making SWOT and TOWS analysis
  3. Format for Urgency and Importance models
  4. Extremely Effective Formats for e-Meeting Agenda and Minutes
  5. Suspense Folder


Ahsan s. Razzaq

Ahsan S. Razzaq is currently the Owner of STCI ( and Regional Vice President of BEMCON Middle East & North Africa. He possesses over 26 years of work and consulting experience in Supply Chain Management and Quality, Health & Safety and Environment.

Ahsan’s 18 years’ work tenure was with blue chip companies like Procter & Gamble (, Henkel (, and Olayan Financing Company ( Out of these 18 years of work tenure, Ahsan worked 10 years in Olayan Financing Company (OFC) at Holding Company level and established and executed Corporate Supply Chain and Corporate Quality, Health & Safety, and Environment (QHSE) role. Ahsan attained the level of General Manager Corporate Supply Chain, being responsible for the Supply Chain for over 25 companies.

Ahsan has provided consulting services for over 6 years to companies like Savola Group (Supply Chain Transformation), Sunbulah Group (Supply Chain Career Path), Saudi ReadyMix (Supply Chain Assessment), Saudi Telecom (Procurement Department), Turk Henkel Istanbul (Supply Chain Planning), Furthermore, Ahsan has conducted several trainings for multiple clients such as Supply & Demand Planning, Warehousing Best Practices, Smart Purchasing Skills, Influencing and Negotiation Skills, and Time & Productivity Management.

Ahsan has been engaged in several industries during the work tenure such as Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (Nestle, Mondelez, Colgate Palmolive, Coca Cola, Kimberly Clark, Olayan General Trading Company etc.), Restaurants (Burger King), Health Care, Contracting (Voltas, Olayan Real Estate etc.), Oil & Gas (Olayan Descon, DHL EXEL), Consulting (ATOS, CH2M Hill) to name a few.

Ahsan holds Bachelors and Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Kansas State University, USA.

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